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SQWIB Balls intro

SQWIB Balls, Did he say SQWIB Balls?  What the hell are SQWIB Balls? It doesn't sound very appetizing does it?
This is just another one of those I'm bored out of my mind and have all these leftovers, what the hell am I going to do with them.

This is something I like to play around with a bit. This all started many years ago when my nephew wouldn't eat anything at thanksgiving.

I would make these Ghoulash balls and deep fry them, he loved them.

Since my name SQWIB originated from my nephew when he was about five, I figured on naming them SQWIB Balls, I wont go into specifically how the name came about, but I have been using it since I first signed onto AOL in 1995.

Well it's time to play around a bit, I am working on a few different SQWIB Balls that I will be adding to the site.

I will also be doing a bunch of these with chicken, goulash (turkey and stuffing) and some Philly cheesesteak, and experiment with textures, check back soon.



SQWIB Balls with Rib meat

So I start pulling stuff from the fridge and the wife unit looks at me like I'm nuts, she can only imagine what the hell I'm making now. You think I would be out cutting the lawn or cleaning up, no not me, I decide to make even more of a mess. She was happy to see me put my dehydrator away and figured the storm had passed, boy was she wrong.
I bring up the deep fryer from the supply room and she looks at me and says, "can you please do that outside" (in that naggy wife voice), I pout and say, "whatever" in a childlike manner. But it's OK for her to deep fry 5 pounds of breaded chicken in the kitchen, why am I banished outside?
I grab my camera and she realizes it's time to vacate the kitchen, a new creation is about to be born. No recipe, no notes, I'm just pulling stuff from my head... oh boy!

OK, I know this sounds odd, but I had a lot of leftover ribs from this weekend, so I decide to try something different, lets begin.

  • Rib meat is removed from the bones and chopped
  • Rib meat, pineapples and some crushed red pepper are processed.

  • Brown sugar and barbecue sauce are added.
  • Saltine crackers are added as a binder.
  • Everything is mixed then I coat the balls, mix the batter and warm up the deep fryer.
  • Some of the Zatarain's is laid out on a plate, the meat is formed into meatballs and rolled onto the batter mix.

  • Every time I look at this picture it reminds me of the Beryllium Sphere in Galaxy Quest.
  • For the beer batter I like to use a stale flat beer, but I just poured a draft and stirred it up a bit, results would probably be better with a Pilsner as opposed to a Lager, dare I say it, yes I will, Coors light works great.
  • Batter is mixed.
  • Deep fryer is hot
  • Balls are slowly placed into the deep fryer with tongs.
  • I tried using the basket but they were sticking, so I started dropping them in slowly with tongs, plus I think the batter was a bit too thick.


  • OK time to make a glaze
  • Cherries and Pineapples are added to the processor, I originally wanted to use peach, but I had none. I will use peach when I do my SQWIB Balls with chicken.
  • Pure' is placed on the heat
  • Coconut Rum is added
  • Brown Sugar is added

  • That is cooked down then some more brown sugar is added.

  • Once the sauce is thickened, it is served as a dip or on top, if these will be eaten right away, you can glaze the top, if they will sit a bit, I would serve as a dip.


How were they? Well I just had a few in the middle of writing this article and I would say they were, "just OK".
The glaze was awesome with the batter but the rib meat was lacking a bit, I am not sure if it was a flavor thing or a texture thing. Maybe if the meat was chopped more it would have fared much better? who knows. Also the batter should have been slightly thinner,
I will try these again but using a pulled pork instead of rib meat.


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Yummmmmmmm.....those do look so good!


You keep teasing me but love the goodies!



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Looks good to me....  I wouldn't turn those down.....     



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That kind of creativity just makes me proud!!:77:

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I think you may be on to something good!

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Looks good,

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The Texas State fair is known for creative fried foods... this one beats this years entries. ..that good looking! ;)
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