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Turky Legs

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Recently at Disney, I saw smoked turkey legs for $9, I bought 4 for $5 at home, seasoned and now on smoker. Let's see how good I am.  Also doing first fatty.


First Fatty and Turkey Legs I was at Disney recently saw Turkey legs for $9, I bouth 4 for $5 at grocery and smokein myself! My Siter in Law gave me the idea.

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Turkey legs, brings back the thought of fair time.

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Here is an old Recipe from Viper. He says they are real close to the Disney Legs...JJ


SMOKED TURKEY LEGS close to Disney Style

The brine:
2 cups tender quick salt
1 cups brown sugar
2 tbsp. onion powder
2 tbsp. garlic powder
4 bay leaves
2 gallons water
6 turkey legs [totally submerged in brine]*
Sweet paprika

Mix all brine ingredients together in a non reactive container.
Put the turkey legs in the brine and place the container in the
refrigerator. Let stand for at least 48 hours.*

Remove legs from the brine and wash with cold water to remove excess.
Then soak in cold water 1 hour.
Rub the legs with a small amount of sweet paprika. Put legs in
smoker and set temperature for 225 degrees F. Smoke for at least
five hours.Untill Internal temp is 165-170 degrees.

*Large turkey legs will require 3 full days to be fully brined
and flavored. Smoking time at 225 degrees F will be about
6 1/2 hours.

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Originally Posted by chsalas View Post





Man those look delicious!!



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Looks good. Did you brine them or just season them? How's the taste?

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Looks good. Did you brine them or just season them? How's the taste?

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I've heard of cutting the tendon before smoking to make it more edible, Anyone else do that or hear of it?
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Here is a video on all the neat stuff to do to a turkey........  Very interesting..........   and a thread by Pops......






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Just seasoned, no brine, they tasted great, although I may brine next time to try that.
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