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amns cherry pellets problem

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I have a new batch of cherry pellets from Todd and I have struck out on the first burn.  I get a good flame 10mins and blow on them to get a  good cherry going, but these seem to smother out once in the smoker  They spent 1min in the micro, too. Even after 10 minutes the embers are not glowing like some of the others types of wood


What I have noticed is that the pellets have a very smooth, hard exterior with some of the them almost a dark brown to black color right out of the bag. Normal?


can any body comment on this?  are these cherry pellets able to burn by themselves or do they need to mixed with others woods?




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Here is an excerpt from the instructions for the AMNPS:

11. Cherry, Bourbon Barrel & Wine Barrel Pellets can be difficult to burn on their own. Fill the bottom ½ of
each row with Maple or Oak Pellets, and the top ½ with Cherry, Bourbon Barrel or Wine Barrel Pellets.

Here are the full instructions:
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I don't have trouble burning Cherry pellets in my AMNPS, in my Gen #1 MES 40.


However in my Gen #2, I have to mix Cherry with something else, like Hickory.

Never bothered me, because I use straight Hickory 99% of the time & that burns Great !!

And I practically NEVER use that Gen #2.



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I couldn't remember so I went and looked at my cherry pellets and they are a lot darker than other pellets like hickory or oak.
I use cherry a lot with beef and I always mix them with some hickory or PMC and microwave them for a minute and they have always burned just fine.
Try mixing them with another pellet and see how they do, if you still have problems give Todd a call and I'm sure he will be able to help.
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thanks for the quick reply..

just wish I had posted and 1+hrs sooner.



again, thank you,


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Another good trick with cherry pellets is to nuke them in the microwave for a minute. Spread them out as thin as you can in a casserole dish. In fact I do this with all my pellets. In the AMNTS I never have any problems with cherry not burning.
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