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rain let up....I'll be working on it a bit more today while I smoke some ribs.....I'll be posting more photos

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With that short , sqat tank, I'd think about placing the firebox a little lower than normal and do the cooking chamber door more towards the front and go with a nice pull out rack system for the cooking grates. Maybe even frame out the door with angle so as to have a flat door.



Anyway, should turn out nice...

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actually I havent thought of the angled door thing but I like the idea and I think I'm gonna do that. then I could make all the grates the same size. Dang RW thats why ur a guru.

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I just started looking at the picture of your tank and though about how I would build it. I think it would turn out nice that way.


Now is this going to be free standing or on a trailer, or maybe a removable hitch so it can be both??...

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I was thinking a trailer as it would be a bit more on the heavy side but a smaller trailer....I'm not looking to make it smaller grill larger trailer. Just so that I'd be able to take it to a competition if I want to and small enough to park by the back door.

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and now I'm thinking I might do the removable hitch idea...which would you do?

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We use pretty much just thin cut off wheels on a grinder, makes a nice cut.  We buy them a couple dozen or a case at a time, but my son does structural steel and prefab metal buildings too.



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I like to use them I found that if I make a cut just the size of the grinder into the metal then use a diablo metal cutter with a sawzall I save money...I have found that if I use the thin kerf metal cut wheel I can spend a good 10 to fifteen dollars making the cut I need for the fb hole or the cc lid due to them wearing out so quick. A medium kerf and a sawzall blade costs me 7 for the same cut. I just happen to be good with a sawzall though. lol Anyway i got some more work done on it and thought  I'd post some photos on here.

so this is with the fb cutout and the stand cut off..I cut a bit into the tank itself getting the stand off but nothing I cant (or will have to) fix

Here I just figgured out where the door is gonna be...originally i was gonna use the cut out for the door but due to the most awesome idea of RW i'll be making a squared out door

Got the door cut without killing myself...i tried to use the small kerf all the way around and had some catch and blow up on me...proably my inexperience with metal working tools so I ended up with the sawzall blade...Like butter...and of course i cant resist hamin it up.

close up on the cut out door...I ended up also taking a sander disk to it to make the edges nice and smooth

whoops wrong photo I'm tech not smart

here is the template I'll be using for the side of the cc door....I think its gonna come out even better than my original idea....Thanks again RW

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Hey, your cuts look really nice, on your way to smoking fun.



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thank you...I'm just trying to measure 5 times and take my time cutting once. This is my first full on metal project. I'm more of a wood worker but on the same note now that i'm getting comfortable with metal I'm hoping to combine the two

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That will make a very nice door frame...... I like it......   :popcorn ....  "Now for the rest of the build"   (in my Paul Harvey voice)

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to be honest guys I think I'm a bit stuck until the begining of the month...I need to get a welder and dont have one till I get that nice fat comp time check at payday. lol

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Check Craig's list, pawn shops and paper unless you are going new. Around here in East Texas we see a lot of welding machines for sale.



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I've been looking around and I think that I was gonna go with a harbor freight welder..I dont need anything crazy heavy duty. I was gonna be able to get the welder, the light to dark helmet, and some gloves for about 180. that was cheap enough that I can get the guts for the grill so it puts me ahead for the build. The quicker I can get this thing built the quicker I can get some meat on her and figgure out how she does.

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Be sure and look at the duty cycle on the machine. Small machines will heat up fast and shut off, than you have to wait, Ask some questions at you local welding supply and go from there.



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well its a small welder 90 amp that uses a flux core wire no gas. The duty cycle is 20% @ 90 AC Amps

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That means you will not be able to weld for very long. If you start a long pass it may cut off on you, May want to look at a bigger machine. Probably be something you can use in the future. My #2 son does structural steel and per-fab metal building erection also does a lot of welding on the side. He has several types, the one we use most of the time while pit build is a Miller wire feed don't remember the model number it is a 80 % duty cycle. My #1 son bought a little Lincoln cracker box 20 % to do small jobs, he stays frustrated because it keeps cutting off (should have gone bigger)


Anyway hope information is helpful.



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that was way helpful thank you...I'm not very well versed in welders so i'll take another look and see what they got

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Talk some of the folks  at your welding supply, tell them what you are wanting to do and they can steer you in the right direction.



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Duty cycle is rating for continuous weld in 10 minute time. Example 20% 2 minutes weld....8 minutes cool down. 80% is 8 minutes weld and 2 for cool down. I picked up a great mig on Craigslist for $300....there are deals out there. Got to look around and wait though.

Good luck on your build.

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