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I might try that.
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here is a pic before we cut the opening to the smoking chamber

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Wow looks good. I'm still kinda designing it so I'm seriously thinking of insulating it so I get more heat in the cc
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my biggest thing is that some of the fb is exposed inside of the cc as its part of the rfp

Thats right, and any grease dripping onto it will give you that nasty burnt grease taste, along with a hot spot at that end. For this reason, I double plate the top of my fire box with a air gap between the plates, then install another plate under the reverse flow plate to direct the heat from hitting the beginning of the plate directly.


Kind of like the drawing below, On my current build though, I want it to be compact, so Im not extending the fire box, so I'm going with a bigger air gap and Im going to extend the double plate about a third of the way into the cooking chamber to see how that does.


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Sounds like a good idea to me. This grill is to squat for me to do anything crazy but...we just had a huge fire in the area and there are propane tanks everywhere for dang near free so I'm looking for a larger tank for my next build....sigh. I'm pretty sure I created a monster.biggrin.gif
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ok now a question on the fire box....Like I said in an earlier post I'm looking to make the ash fall out the bottom and make the hole work overtime by using it as an air intake. I just drew out on the metal and a two inch drop from the back to the front seems kinda not as steep as I want it. I was thinking of putting a three inch drop on it..anyway if I do that my air intake hole goes from 28 sqichs to 56. My question is will the extra air intake mess up the draft into the cc or is it ok and it will draw what it will. I'm not gonna cut till I can get it answered but I have everything I need to finish her so.....

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get the walters blade works realy nice and quick.


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I dont have any pics to show, but I did ( still working on) a center pie vent, then sloped the inside's so that everything is angles toward the pie vent, and bought a stainless steel tray that will mount under the firebox to catch the ash. It was the best solution for me.  I got to have a bottom vent!!!

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R W  show us a picture of your latest idea,



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Well gentleman this is sorta of an update...I totally missed the deadline of fact I didn't get to smoke thanksgiving dinner at all due to being sick as snot. Kids had it, wife had it, just so happens my turn was comming up...I have some of the fire box completed and the finish line is in sight...I will post again once I have something to post for ya

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Well between the holidays and being sick I didnt' get anything done but today was the first day of freedome and I did what? you guessed it worked on the grill...I got a good 6.5 hours in on it today and I have now gotten the firebox done and can do a fire in it tomorrow and once I make a grate for the inside which can be done tomorrow as well I can cook on it. here are some photos


this is the front of the firebox with the hinges...


here is the inside of the firebox...the bottom slopes toward the front with a two inch slope on it...the ash hole will also double as the airintake so I made it to where the only way for the air to go is to be forced through the coal basket yet to be made...thats the reason for the metal on the other side of the angle iron...this method works wonders on another grill of mine

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so the first pic is of the door closed with the handle and lock on it the second is of the coal basket which was completed and the last is of the wood grate....I thought that the wood would do good on that top grate its 7 inches above the bottom of the coal basket and three inches from the FB to CC hole....of course I had to put angle iron in the top to hold the grate....I couldn't be happier that what I am. just a few more hours of work and it will be ready to cook on......I'm gonna cross my fingers on the maiden voyage tomorrow

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so here is the grate I made its 26x29 a good size. took me about an hour and a half

after I had gotten the rack in I started the chimney full of charcoal and put an unlit chimney full in the basket. This here is the operational product...not done...I still have to add the wagon wheels...a box...something to help make lifting the lid a bit easier and a shelf under the door but this is the nuts and bolts of it...Oh and finish painting. Of course the Pug is happy the welding stopped. lol



so I fired her up and crossed my fingers...She started out at 75 degrees and 30 min later was at a wonderful 250 degrees and held was pulling in so much air that I could hear the lump coal popping inside the firebox so for an air dampner I used a 2x2 angle iron placed into the inch whole at the bottom worked like a charm and could do what a dampner is supposed to do. I had three chunks of cherry wood placed in it and they lasted me 45 min before I had to change them out...a hell of a lot longer than I was expecting...When I looked inside the firebox the temp droped to 246 and lost no more....when I opened the lid it went down to 221 and was back up to temp within 4-5 min. When I added new lump to popped again and was hot in no time and in fact even jumped my grill to 290....I usually use lump with briquettes and am hoping that combo is perfect for this grill......The BBQ Gods were smiling on me for finding this site and while building it....A big thank you to everyone that helped me with this build I now have a work horse that I can take to a competition and handle business.

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Looking good glad it is working and holding temps. A few more finishing touches and it'll be done. Might I suggest using some small tractor tires.... Lug type.
That would made the JD theme even more.
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actually I was thinking about that and thats why I wanted to go with the wagon wheels....I saw an old school john deere with what looked like wagon wheels...but making wagon wheels would actually be way cheeper for me than getting the tractor tires

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Keep an eye on Craigslist.. Never know what you'll find. I have a garden tiller with ag tires... that's what gave me the idea. Here's a stock photo.

Love the JD theme... I can't afford one...I drive a blue tractor.

Best New Year wishes!


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