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First time doing chicken

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I need some help its my first time doing chicken quarters on my reverse flow smoker . I tried a turkey once and messed it up bad . So any advice would be very helpful . Prob use hickory for the wood .
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it will take around 2 hours at 250 or so. be careful with the smoke as to much will ruin it and chicken soaks up smoke easily

if you want to sauce add it around the last 30 -45 mins........hope this helps

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Def consider brining or injecting, unless your birds are already enhanced.

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Any tips on injection . I use apple cider a lot in my pork butt and wild game
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And I did a bring on salmon
But never thought about chicken . What's a good bring . Just salt and water
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Thanks John it dose help . I think that may have been where I went wrong on the turkey with to much smoke
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For chicken, I like low sodium chicken broth, maybe some butter, mix in some of the rub your using, or little garlic / onion powder.  Not sure I'd go with the apple juice.


Injecting is sweet, brining even better.  Numerous recipes on making the brine.


Good Luck.


Since you're from OHIO, seek out Gerber Poultry.  They are based in Kidron OH.  I truly believe they raise and harvest some of the best birds in the country.


They have a FB page and Website.

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Thanks again jcohen for the help and ill check your poultry place out . I get mine from a place in Michigan and are good on the grill but I'm going to try smoking them this time . Can't wait I can almost taste it know . I used apple cider on Canadian goose breast and they turned out really good
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Last item consider.  Skin, bite through or crispy.  I just did a bunch of splits in my Amerique.  Pulled at around 160 ish for breast, 170 ish for thighs, tossed on a hot grill, 3-4 minutes per side, brushed on some sauce/apple cider vinegar mixture, skin came out good.  Not crispy, but definitely bite through.


If you have a good fryer, you might even consider tossing some into the hot oil for a minute or two.


Just more of my .02

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Def like my skin crispy and I don't have a fryer but will toss it on the grill after the smoker . You guys may get me threw this chicken yet . Thanks again
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First time I smoked a chicken the brine was water with cup of salt and half cup sugar. Brined whole chick for 7 hours. Smoked till done with apple wood and a dry rub. Worked great.
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Thank you Ely that don't sound bad and I have all that . It sounds like a good one to try
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