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Master Forge Mod question

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The image you see is the same model I recently bought. I already modified the charcoal grate, & today I received the damper controls, which is where my question comes in.


I have 3 of the units & will put one on top. Since this unit doesn't have the extra 6-8 inches below the bottom of the door, I am not sure where to put the other 2 vents. Should I place them, one on each side, on the bottom section which houses the briquettes, or place them near the bottom of the heat chamber?


Much thanks !


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I think there is a pic in this thread that will help you out. If you use the search bar you may find more mods people have done to their MFsmokers

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David, thanks so very much! I did the search but didn't see this one, but I saw several of the other models that had the extra space. but now I see this one & see it has the vent right against the fuel pot. Would it be good, bad, or not matter, if I put one as they did, side by side of the fuel & put the other one on other side, but just above the fuel pot? or both on the bottom?


 Thanks again David !

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that I don't know.  Hopefully someone else will see this and have some input for you.

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Thanks David & hope so too!


Here is what I am considering, rather, questioning !


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I have seen a couple mods where they gave made more holes in the bottom. I would put them wherever you think it will be beneficial for getting air to the fire most effectively. All you are looking for by adding them is better air flow for better temp control.
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Thanks again David!


Yes, but was hoping to get some consensus from the experienced Smokers, unlike myself! I was afraid to drill the holes, then not have them in the best place, then I have another problem!


I do want to add, I will be setting the MF Smoker inside a portable fire bowl. The bowl is for patio & deck fires & is maybe 30-36" across, & the depth in the center is maybe 6". I am going to place the fire bowl's grate in first, which raises the level by 1.5", then the legs of the Smoker are about 1.5" as well, so that will give me 3" clearance under the bottom of the smoker. Also with a multi-operated on back, it will give me better access to the unit itself.


I wanted to smoke the ribs tomorrow (Monday) per the date on the package, but I may have to wait an extra day until I get some input, re: the vent locations. Or as you suggest, I may wing it !

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I'll have to freeze the ribs & wait for some input.

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Sorry as I am just anxious for my first attempt at smoking & I wanted some input re: the vent locations for optimal results. The date on the ribs is today, so in the freezer they will go, as I needed to start them within the hour & I have not even rubbed them down or trimmed them yet.


Thanks & I'll check back later!

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Hmm, 4 days & no opinions or advice? Thanks anyway and I'll do some more research. And thanks again David, much appreciated!

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First, David, thanks again for the link to smokinGMA's post! I had 2 windows open side by side & confused myself, thinking the link was to another question,I apologize for that, but I now came back & opened this & see what smokinGMA has done ! Thank you David!


 SmokinGMA I see you mounted one vent right at the level of the fire pot itself. Was one enough? I have 2 to use but see now, with the exhaust vent I attached to the top & the one I will add as did you. So maybe I won't need the 3rd one? Would attaching one on the very bottom, close to the edge, opposite from the side I attach one to the side,do any good? I say close to the edge, so I would be able to reach the handle on the bottom vent.


I saw on a youtube mod where a guy covered the 2" hole on the bottom, permanently with an electrical box cover. But he didn't say why he did that. Did you cover the one on yours or leave it open?


 Thanks smokinGMA!

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