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batch cook of pulled pork in my uds

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hi guys 

this is my latest smoke of 3 picnic cuts after trimming i brined the meat in my cool box 

i softened 2 onions in a pan with a little oil added some crushed garlic (1/2 bulb) along with some, paprika, sugar , black pepper and salt i am very careful not to use more than 7.5% salt so i use metric measurements as 1 litre of water weighs 1 kilogram i used 4 ltrs of water 1 Kg of ice and 375 grams of salt as using more salt may turn the pork into bacon i left the meat in the brine for 24 hours 

this is one piece after removing from the brine


i then rubbed on some yellow mustard


i used my own rub and used skewers to hold them together for smoking


this is my uds basket i built up the charcoal around the steel pipe and placed some cherry wood and a little pear wood in amongst the coals

i fired up the chimney

i then poured the lit coals down the pipe

i then removed the pipe leaving the hot coals in the center

in went the basket

3 picnic cuts probed up and ready to go

i smoked them at 225f until the IT was 165f i wrapped them in foil and placed them back in and continued at 225f until the IT was 195-200f ,at 4.30am after a total time of 13 1/2 hours i removed them and placed them in a cool box to rest

this was the juices from the drip pans i skimmed off the fat and i reserved it to use when pulling

this is after it had rested for a couple of hours

as you can see it pulled apart with no effort at all and was very juicy 

the bone came out clean i then pulled some to eat straight away

i then removed all the bones from all the picnics and vac packed the rest to freeze

well worth the long day smoking i took some to a friends who was having a bbq party no one there had ever tried pulled pork before and it went down a treat, as bbq here in england is mainly burgers and sausages on a grill .  i think i have converted a few to


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Faa nam aa null!
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Looks GREAT! I like your UDS.

Happy smoken.


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Great job!

I like the way you do you minion method. I may have to borrow it when I build mine or do similar cooker styles. icon14.gif
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Great looking smoke... and I too like that minion method style as well.... Ive seen it done before just never tried.
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thanks guys 

i used to hollow out the middle of the coals and put the lit ones on top but i find i get a more even and longer lasting burn if i do it with the pipe   

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