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Thinking of Going Charcoal... Two Questions

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I have a second gen MES40 and I am growing a bit frustrated with it.  I keep getting flare-ups and gray smoke.

The only way I have figured out to get around it is to add a palm full of soaked chips about every 45 minutes.  That is much more attention than I want to give my electric.

I know a lot of folks have had great success with the AMNPS, but I also see a lot of folks having to do a lot of tinkering to get that right as well.


So... I used a friends WSM 22.5 a few weekends ago and really liked it.  Most importantly, I thought it produced a better quality result. Smoke ring, bark, etc.


I am thinking of selling my MES 40.  To partially finance a charcoal smoker purchase.  Any thoughts on what I should ask?


Also, I am leaning toward the WSM 22.5, but honestly have not heard much about other options.


Any thoughts and advice on what to sell for and what to buy would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.



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thats what I did but got the 18.5 weber. And I love it best smoker I have ever had!

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I want one of those too!!!!



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Go to you tube and check out 'pit barrel cookers' for some 'thinking outta the box alternatives' to WSM, which is quite an investment. Some can be made fairly easily, if you're of that sort, or purchased for about 200. I'm in the middle of a 'build' so to speak with mostly things I've had in the garage for years & I'm pretty challenged with things like that. I will admit, it's taken the edge off a big itch I had to buy a pellet smoker which ran $700. I'm only out about 50 bucks so far for various Home Depot stuff....Willie

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While researching the purchase of my first smoker I had narrowed it down to the same two possible choices... MES 40 or 22.5" WSM.


 Ultimately I decided on the WSM, and I am very happy with it! A little spendy for a coal burning bullet smoker perhaps, but the quality and consistent ease of use make it a good value IMO... I am now browsing classified ads looking for a good deal on a lightly used 18" WSM to keep the 22.5" company!

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Go with the WSM will not regret a day of owning it !!!
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I concur with luv2putt.  WSM!  And like Squatch, I'm always hitting up CL to hopefully find another WSM at a good price.

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you can never really go wrong with a weber product.  in the same price range you can get a Costco Vision Komodo.


i love my gas grill and smoker and make good food for  years but i going back to all charcoal(lump). having both at the same time. Charcoal adds a depth of flavor you don't get on gas.



you need more proof that Turkey Hotdogs!


the quality of smoke ring on  a brisket i get with my Kamodo vs my masterbuilt gas is no contest.

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Three letters. UDS.

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My son built a UDS but I have Webers. There's a huge following on the web, repair parts from weber, amazon, and ereplacementparts, and you cannot beat Weber Customer Service.
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Uds is a cheap and great smoker.

Just need some mechanical skills to build.

Be able to read a tape measure and use a drill.
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Just had my masterbuilt 30 crap out after 2 yrs and 1 month.  Horrible customer service received..  Going to WSM.  Been using a weber one touch grill for 11 yrs and its still going strong..  Weber all the way for me..



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Love the idea of the UDS, but I've got no skills...
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Not hard at all to build.


Can you read a tape?


Do you have a drill?

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Originally Posted by maloff28 View Post

Love the idea of the UDS, but I've got no skills...


I have three webber bbq's and they are the bomb. But imho the smokey mountain is a bit pricey and all it is is a glorified UDS. There are several how to threads on this site somewhere that will take you through all the steps. I would suggest it might be fun and then you would have some skills. haha

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Looked through the fourums and found this. It is super cool and looks like something I might be skilly enough to do but the cost all in seemed to be mid $200s and there is only one cooking rack. Seems like the WSM might be the way to go. Could always add a bottle opener to it!
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You don't need that to make a uds.

I bought their charcoal basket.

Hd and lowes has everything else you will need
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Home depot carries the perfect size expanded metal near where they keep screen material, I know this because it took two hours for me and the guy to find when I built mine. If you keep your eyes open you can get A barrel for near free or free.I built mine with two racks and had maybe 80 bucks in it.

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