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Going to smoke a 14 lb Pork Shoulder

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I am relatively new to this as well and have a party Saturday and I'm cooking a 14lb pork shoulder for pulled pork. After reading a lot of threads and checking with my trusty neighbour, this appears to be a very long process as most bank on approx 90 min per pound. Thoughts as to how to do this, or break it up, are needed to help me. I've looked at smoking Fri until at 165 deg, (timing it to approx 11pm-12am), then putting it in the oven at 225 (wrapped in foil in a roast pan) until it reaches approx. 205 deg (over night ideally when I wake up) at which time I will wrap in towels as suggested and place in a cooler for an hr or 2 then start pulling... This is my first rough idea... thoughts are welcomed and appreciated. Please suggest away as the only things I have done so far are ribs and pork sirloin, so this one is longer and a bit more in depth.

Thanks and look fwd to hearing some responses.
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I've done 13 lbs I think if you are planning on 225 I did better at 250-260 averaged under 1 and half. Personally when I've cooked in the 225 range it just drags on but in the 250s it seem to move better. Just my thoughts good luck.
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I figure I would be between 225-250.  So I'm guessing with your response and what not, I'm pretty bang on with the timings and stuff?  How long usually to get it to the 165 deg?  Is that a good plan of action that I laid out above in your opinion?


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Your plan is fine. But at 225-250*F plan on 2 Hours per Pound plus 2 hours of CYA time in case something crazy happens or you get a stubborn butt. It is way better to have the Butt in the Cooler waiting on the People rather than the other way around...JJ

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And if you have a thermometer with a probe, check the temp of your oven.  Most manufactures are way off on temp settings.  Some as much as 50°!

When in a super crunch for time, I have finished butts in the oven at 350° and they were great!

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So how long do you figure until I get to 165 deg? just so I can kind of plan on when to start and 'try' to get to bed by midnight with the pork then in the oven to raise it to 205 deg. Any other tips or helpful suggestions to think about or worry about?  Thanks.

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Once you wrap it, it won't hurt it bumping it to 375 in the oven and letting her rip till 203-205. Smoke it for around 6-7 hours for some good smokey goodness flavor/color then put in the oven wrapped till finished. It won't go dry because its wrapped and you'll break the tissues down faster. Even ole Myron Mixon does his hot too in a pinch. That's a huge butt. Personally I only buy 7-9 pounders as I get the best cut and reasonable cooking time. Be sure on a butt that big to save the juices to pour back on the pulled meat to introduce some smoke flavor back into the inner most parts of the meat. Many may disagree with this method but for a large butt and a time crunch it beats waiting 21 hours for the meat to cook.
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At the temps planned it will take 6-8 hours to get to 165*F. Don't be hard set on any temp before foiling...If it only gets to the high 150's, a common stall point, and you are tired. Foil, go in the oven and get some sleep. I usually use 325-350*F as an oven temp that gives me the desired result in a hurry...BUT...If you have the time and like plenty of sleep there is no reason to go over 275-300*F. It will go slow , you get sleep and no risk of the sugar in the rub burning and getting bitter...JJ

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When people say 'save the juices' that come out to put on the finish product before serving, do you mean in the oven, any juices that come out of the foil wrapped shoulder?  Where else would I catch juices?  Thanks.

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I use a Drip Pan under any meat I smoke. When I foil I add Foiling Juice, so when it reaches temp there is juices to catch. Next as hot meat rests it give up more juice. So yes save all of it to go back in the meat, Or reduce down until the liquid has thickened into a glaze...JJ

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I only have a water/drip pan under the racks and I usually just replace the water with hot water when it starts to get low...  No drip pan in my smoker :-(

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No place for a disposable on a lower shelf? You can even put the meat in a small roasting pan. Slightly less smoke penetration but will not be noticed once pulled...JJ

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If it'll fit, I could take a rack out and put a foil meat plate in... hmm.  Now ya got me thinking... lol.

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Like JJ said, you can always put it in a pan.  I would smoke it on the rack for a two to three hours and get smoke penetration all around, then put it in a pan before it really started dripping all the porkie goodness

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thumb1.gif Now you are on a roll! Check the link below for more detail on the value of Pan Drippings...JJ



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So its been in the smoker now for 1.5 hrs and the meat has already gone up 55 ish degrees and is hovering around 95... seems like a fast jump, is that normal?  Is the 'stall' everyone talks about around 150 deg???  It smells and looks delish...  

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Meat has been in 4.5 hours and up 105 degrees...  Smells fantastic...  Can't wait.  After the stall and it gets to 165 degrees, I just want to confirm the procedure after that.  So I bring it in, wrap it in tin foil, nice and tight, put it in a pan (do I cover it or no) and then put it in the oven at what temp?  Thanks guys.  If I find out how to do pics, I'll post a before, during and after tomorrow am...  

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I'm thinking 275 as JJ said for a slow cook and 'some sleep.' :-)  That'll do me from midnight until 7 or so right?  (I do plan however on getting up at 3ish to check on it)>

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That plan should work. When you check the temp at 3AM if you are 185*F or higher back the temp down to 200*F and get some more sleep...It can stay there for several more hours until the IT hits 200. At this point, if you don't need the Oven for other stuff for the party, you can even set the Oven to 150*F and leave it there until your guests show up. This is common in restaurants. The foiled meat will stay hot and not dry out...JJ

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Here goes nothing... the transfer has begun.  8 hrs out there, now to the oven!!

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