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Kick'n Kajun Pickled Eggs

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This is a quick semi homemade recipe.  The most time consuming part is peeling the eggs.  When I was at the Dollar Tree I picked up a 17oz. bottle of Kick'n Kajun Habanero sauce.  It's not very hot as the name implies but is tangy with the vinegar, lime juice & onion.  I did add 50 pureed little Christmas tree Thai peppers I grew to heat it up a bit and let it sit in the fridge 6 mos. to infuse.




I brought a dozen med. eggs to a boil and turned off the heat and let set for 7 minutes then cooled in water and peeled.  In a jar I put in a diced Fajita bell pepper and a heaping tbp. of minced garlic.  Put in a little habanero sauce in the jar to mix then the eggs and filled with the habanero sauce.  I just shake the jar to stir.




I refrigerate them a couple of weeks.  I usually get to a week before I try the first one.  I've done this a few times before but the garlic, Fajita bell pepper and the addition of the 50 tinyThai chilies is new this time.


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Nice! I do something similar with the homemade sauces I make  :biggrin:  Thanks for sharing  Thumbs Up

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They look really good, but way too hot for me! I just pickle smoked eggs (also inject them with the pickling brine to speed the process up).:biggrin:

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It's really not hot for some reason.  There's a lot of flavor.  Most ABT's are hotter.

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Red Beet Pickled eggs I have eaten or made for 40 years. These sound good! I am waiting on 1/2Gal Ball Jars to pickle 10Lbs of Polish Sausage...JJ

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