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Beef Knuckles

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Hi All Can anyone tell what Beef Knuckles are? What are they used for?
Thanks Dan
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Here you go - read this  Good info there  thumb1.gif

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Hi All Will be alright to use the beef knuckle with brisket for my hamburger meat?

Thanks Dan

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Yes, but chuck would be better and more flavorful, and cheaper unless you find a great sale on knuckles!  If so, pick up some extras for roasts!

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Hi Saw the beef knuckles at Restaurant Depot price seem right. Just didn't know what they were or where they came from.

Thabnks Dan

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HI All Where did that last post come from,and what is IT doing here.:icon_lol:

So what do you guys use the knuckle for?


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post deleted! A new person, maybe figured it'd help.  Will PM and correct.


Knuckles are the sirloin tips.  They can be used as roasts, as steaks, thick for London Broil or thin for sandwich steak, made into cube steaks.  As I'd said, chuck would be a better choice for grinding, either blade chuck or arm chuck; sirloin tip is more tender and less flavorful for grinding.  (The tougher the meat, the more flavor.)

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