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Just Some PP w/ Q-View

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Been some time since I posted something. Figured I would share a test.


I don't usually inject my meats. But I wanted to try something today. I took 1 can of beer and 1 container of apple juice concentrate and mixed them. I injected 2 of the 6 butts I am smoking today.


The rub is the same and only change is the injection..........


1c             Sugar in the Raw

1/4c          Fine Ground Sea Salt

4 1/2tsp    Granulated Garlic

4 1/2tsp    Course Onion Powder

2 1/4tsp    Celery Salt

1 1/2tsp    Ground Oregano

4 1/2tsp    Chili Powder

4 1/2tsp    Fine Ground Black Pepper


Smoker has been running at 220-230 since 7:30

Meat was 38 IT when went into the smoker @ 8:00

Hit IT of 145 @ 11:30

Hit the stall at IT 155 @ 13:30 (seems a bit early, but we shall see)


So here are a couple pics to keep ya goin......


The ones with the skewers are my injected butts......













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How many folks are you feeding with those 6 butts?

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Looking good Jar... is that the "not so small smokehouse" ?
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Yes that would be the smokehouse. I figure I can do 25 butts if needed. If I really needed more I probably could push it.

Bear you are going to laugh at this one. It is for 4 ppl tonight and to restock the freezer for 2 house holds. I have about 36lb in there now. It will get me around 18-20lb when done. So after dinner tonight I am looking at 4ea 4lb bags for the freezer for more yummy meals. We are in High School Volleyball season. So my wife and I don't like eating garbage every nigh so I will set up quick good meals.
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I got 2 to 170 and put them in a pan with some beer and apple juice concentrate. I needed to rush them a bit, so we could eat dinner before the kids went back to their moms. So wrapped them up and cranked the oven up to 375 and in they went. I left the other 4 on for another couple hours but they needed to do the oven dance wrapped for a little over and hour before i go to bed. Have to be at work at 5am, so no over night-er for me.I tasted the inside of the injected and non-injected before the nap. I could taste a bit of difference, but not much. I may have to play with this a bit more. Maybe injecting the night before to get more of a marinade effect.....


Here are the last of the pictures.....







These are the first 2 pulled...




This is my Official taste tester. She seems to know when it is BBQ time. She is stuck to my side at all times during my cooks.



Had to try a bit of bark before the nap. With all of the sugar in my rub it almost candies the bark. Then with the salt, pepper and chili powder it is a sweet and salty with a hint of spice bit of deliciousness.....



These are the last 4 before nap time.



Toasted French Hamburger Roll

Live Oak Smoked Apple Infused Pulled Pork

Sea Salt Brined Dill Pickle Slices

Dijon Apple Vinaigrette Slaw


Baked 3 Cheese and Rotini Pasta


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What a great looking meal. Thanks for sharing it with us.



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Dang it Jar... your living large over there.. looks awesome
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drool.gif   Great looking grub!  thumb1.gif  Did you make the pickles?

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... did I mention I can play volleyball?   drool.gif

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Not bad Rookie! You will have it down soon...Then we will let you Run with the Big Dogs...icon_lol.gif...JJ

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That really looks good JarJar those must be some happy freezer owners!


Going to go and search for Baked 3 Cheese and Rotini Pasta........!!


Wasn't it a beautiful day to smoke?

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Sorry no pickle making here. Don't really have the space for projects like that. At least until we remodel then maybe.

Yea volleyball is a touchy subject here. The youngest made the freshman team, I hear all fresh,an make a team.mthe older one did not make a team, even thoe she was JV last year. So you can see where that goes........

Chef I am trying....... Maybe I will get it some time. So for now I will keep on swimming........

I have not posted the 3 cheese rotini Mac. I have posted a couple Mac and cheese recipes. I use same method, just change pasta.......
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Looks good. So could you tell the difference in flavor from the injected to the non injected?

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Originally Posted by brgbassmaster View Post

Looks good. So could you tell the difference in flavor from the injected to the non injected?

I tastes a little difference, but not a lot. I will have to play with it more. For PP I am not sure I see a huge difference after you pull it and toss with a finishing sauce. I am looking at other options we use at work to get more flavor.
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