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10 cfm fan for fire chamber

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im looking to build an automatic temp control for my double drum smoker I just built. the damn thing just wont pull a draft to keep my temp around 225. I cant seem to find a good fan that will put up with the heat in the firebox. anybody have any suggestions.


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Add 2 more 6" duct stubs between the barrels for air flow....  What is the exhaust stack ??  can't see it.....   Dave

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exhaust is again a 6 inch just like the intake, my vents are on both ends and below my grates, I used a hair dryer this weekend to keep my temp up and worked wonderfully. so I thought id just make an automatic temp control to help.

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If you check the temp of the firebox and the cook chamber, you will probably find the FB is very hot and the cook chamber is at cooking temp...  You are loosing heat in the FB through the metal and wasting wood....  More flow from the FB to CC would save on fuel.....  at least that's the way it's supposed to work..  Just a suggestion....  If the fan works, that's an easy fix....  they make temp controller fans and some are very sophisticated...  learning devices.... they learn the ins and outs of your smoker and control better with each use.....    search "bbq temp controller" and have fun figuring out which one you will get.....  



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thanks dave that's what im workin on now, im using 50/50 charcoal and wood so I get most of my fuel for free. unless I redesign the smoker. think ill just build the fan system with a pid controller seems like it would work really well and be hassel free.

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