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Pulled pork

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Am going to try pulled pork for the first time on my smoker . What's the best cut for it ? And what temp do u guys smoke it at
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I use both butts

& picnics


for pulled pork & they both turn out good. The butts have a slightly higher fat to meat ratio than the picnics. The picnics have a stronger pork flavor & mostly have to be taken to a little higher IT because they have more connective tissue thus taking longer to finish. Most would say just use a butt but I am happy with either one  biggrin.gif


I smoke both of them at 225* but some people use a higher temp... I don't use any water in my pan & I don't foil - I like bark too much  drool.gif

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  Hi K. Most people use the boston butt and smoke between 225-250. However, there are few 'hard and fast' rules to smoking meat! Keep a god log and change things up each time. You will find what YOU really like. 




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Thanks for the feed back guys what I.T do u guys hit to know when it's done and all be using my side fire box .
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Take it 205* if your pulling it. I run my smoker at 265*.
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I personally like a little chew to my meat so I'll pull it at 195-200 and let it rest in the foil to finish the job. The meat will always tell you when it's done. A popular thing people tend to do is the toothpick test, where the meat will be done when a toothpick slides in and out easily like going through warm butter
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