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Tatonka dusted boston butts

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Here are a couple of boston butts that I did recently, thought I would try something new and decided on some Tatonka dust from Owens BBQ.  As it turns out these were the best butts I have ever made, I was out of Captain Morgan so I used a 3:1 mixture of apple cider and Courvoisier cognac.  They were in the MES40 for about 15 hours getting spritzed every hour and turned out beautifully.  Thanks MossyMo this stuff is best and my family and friends gave me rave reviews, said it was the best pulled pork I have made to date.  the first two pictures show them right after I opened the foil the last is right before it was put on some buns and consumed in mass quantity.





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Nice looking pulled pork you smoked yourself there and I tend to agree, Tatonka Dust seasons up some of the best pulled pork I have ever had also!
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I haven't tried Tatonka Dust on pulled pork yet. After hearing this I've gotta give it a shot now. I better order a 3lb bag soon.

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I will try it on my next set of butts

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Great looking PP!


I may have to break down and give the T-dust a try...



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I have done PP that way and can attest how good it is. Tatonka Dust beats most of my rubs, hands down.

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