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This thread started out talking about Masterbuilt QA issues so I will hopefully get back to that topic. I bought a Masterbuilt 40" new generation electric smoker with glassdoor at the end of June 2013 from During the summer I smoked two batches of ribs for a total run time of 13-14 hours (including seasoning and warmups for the smokes). Yesterday I turned the smoker on, set the temperature, and set the run time (the smoker does not call for heat until the time is set). As soon as the time was set, I heard the unmistakable "pop" of the GFI outlet. I tried again with a thicker gauge extension cord with the same result.

The new generation does have access panels where all electrcal connections are. There is one on the back where the heating element leads are. There are two on the bottom. One where the power cord connects and one that connects to a control board (had a transformer, a relay and other electronics). Looking at all of these areas, everything looked fine. I decided to check the connections to the heating element that were hidden by some shrink tubing (which in no way looked burnt or overheated). Once I carefully cut away the shrink tubing I discovered that one of the connections' plastic covering had burnt/melted leaving black residue all over that connection.

I cleaned the heating element connection as well as the inside of the spade connector with sand paper, hooked up the leads to my multimeter and, once again, restarted the smoker. As soon as everything was set, the heating light went on and the there was 120V coming to the heating element. I shut down, reconnected the electrical connections to the heating element, started back up and ran the smoker for about 10 hours without a problem. I am going to re-shrink tube the electrical connections but I was in a hurry to get started yesterday so I ran with just the electrical connections pushed onto the connectors of the heating element (not even electrical tape).

I was happy to get the smoker back up and running but the fact that it crapped out in such a short time with so little run time tells me that Masterbuilt HAS NOT resolved their QA issues. The fact that they have added access panels to the smoker is clear indication of this. They are making it easier for the user to check/repair connections. They should put a label on the box that says "No more drilling rivets to repair". I am comfortable making basic electrical repairs so I felt OK buying this smoker. If you are not handy or not comfortable working with electricity, DO NOT BUY THIS SMOKER.
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Good problem review and fix.

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