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I was looking on Ebay for temperature controllers, and found a bunch that most people over look.

It is a controller designed for research lab heating, with an original price of $900.

They have a pid with ramp to soak, a plug for a thermocouple, and a 110V outlet to plug in a heating element.

The pid is a cal 3300. They usually come set for t type thermocouples, but that is easily changed to k type in programming.

They are plug and play, just turn your analog dial to max, plug into the controller, and drop the thermocouple into the vent hole.

There are a few models.

J-KEM 410A - Outlet plug is rated for 1800 watts. I just bought 2 of them for $50 plus shipping.

J-KEM 210 - Outlet plug is rated for 1200 watts, and they have a timer function


There are other models that go to 30 amps, and some 220V models. Some even have 4 controllers in them.

If they are shown in a picture powered up without a thermocouple plugged in, the display flashes "Inpt Fail".

I would be happy to answer any questions.


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