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Help! Butts turns into hog

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This Saturday I will be cooking along with another fellow. Its the 1st annual community pig roast. He has a bigger pit, I got a 100 gallon old propane tank turned into a reverse flow. I have done pork butts on mine all the time, 100 lbs easy between top and bottom rack. That was the plan, I do butts and he does a hog. NOW it's turned into me doing half a hog. No idea where they are getting only half, I'm only responsible to cook. Should I cut in half making quarters and cook that way or cut off the head and back legs and try to stuff her in like that? How long of a cook time might I be looking at? I am told it will b 100 lbs. ANY input is welcome. Thanks
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I guess the biggest question is could I cook this thing in 12 hrs at 170 pot temp?
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iam not quite sure of the exact temp without looking at pig but your smoker temp is gonna have to be higher than normal...around 325 i would guess....usually takes 16 hours for a whole pig to cook at 225 so...

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just keep some bacon bits around loins to keep from drying out and let the smoke rolllll

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Bacon on loins, I like it. Been thumbing thru other whole hog posts. I like doing my butts to an IT of 200, keep it the same?
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no cause its not just the butt you are smoking its the whole hog member...ribs, loins, ham everything

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the bacon bits keeps the loin from drying out cause it WILL be first to be done

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So I pull off the loins first then cook the rest?
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i guess you could.... i would keep those bacon bits on there to keep it moist....iv never done it on a pit where i couldnt control the heat right under it...usually you can move your coals around to where everything cooks evenly

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is the pig to where you can remove everything as its ready or is it just a slit in the belly with everything still attached

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As far as I know it's a half, I will see it tomorrow. I'm putting it on my reverse flow cooker. Hopefully will be able to do the half in one piece. If not I hood quartering it wont harm it?
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Yeah I agree....I would just seperate it and take them off as they are ready
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