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Crazy stall...

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I put a 4 - 5LB butt on the smoker last night at around 10:20. I've done larger butts and they have all taken around 12 hours to complete. This one was chugging right along until it hit 182. It began another stall, then the internal temp of the butt dropped a few degrees to 179. I was fine with that because I've seen it happen before. However, it kept dropping and right now, an hour and half later is is sitting at 171, where it has been for the past 30 minutes. I stuck another thermometer in it and got the same reading.


Is this common? Like I said, I know about the stalls and even a temp drop a few degees, but 11 and showing no signs of going back up? I"m thinking about foiling, but I haven't been foiling and don't really want to do it.


Any ideas? 

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What smoker are you using & what temp is it running at?

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Old Country Wrangler...I just added a log so it's building back up. I've been running an average of 250...


Right after I hit "send" on the original post, I saw the Maverick change to 172...I guess that's progress.. :)

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I think that after 14 hours that little 4-5 pound butt is probably done. The most reliable test for doneness is to try and pull out the bone, if it pulls out cleanly you're done cooking. The other is the probe test, if the probe of your thermometer slides in with no resistance you are done, this takes a bit of experience, but once you've done a few you'll understand much better. Temping butts for doneness can be unreliable.

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I stuck another thermometer in the meat again and it slides in fairly smooth. I tried to pull out the bone and it barely budged...

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The temp has finally climbed back up to 180. I'm thinking I'm going to give it another hour or so and then I'm pulling it and wrapping it for the cooler...


Any  objections to this course of action?

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Just let it cook till at least 195 and then pull it and let it rest.
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My last 6 lb. butt took 14 hours.


I have a very impatient friend who's always asking me when will the smoke be done? I always answer that every one is different; it's done when it's done. There's just no telling for sure.

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that is why for parties i cook them a day or two before. these things sometimes have a mind of their own. but 14 hours seem like a VERY long time for a 5 lb butt at 250*. that should be no longer then a 6-7 hour smoke. 


although i have to say, those little bastards are stubborn. i have much better luck with the 8-10 lb butts then i do with the 4-5 lb ones. they are very inconsistent with cooking times. they are however a little more tender in the end but they do have a mind of their own when cooking. i have had one 6 lb butt take 12 hours at 225*.


the 9-10 lbers i can almost just set a watch at 225* 1.5 hours per lb.

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I went ahead and took it off of the smoker when it reached's been resting in the cooler for a couple of hours. I'm going to pull it within this hour and serve it up.

I will update with qview..
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I've only done about 6 butts and it seems that has been the case for me also. The larger ones don't take near as long as the smaller ones when I'm smoking them..seems backwards
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This type of overly long cook is the main reason I cook butts at temps between 290° and 300°, they get done at a rate of less than 1 hour per pound.

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you could wrap at 155-160 ish and blow through the stall.

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I forgot to come back and share some pictures.

I went ahead and pulled it at 196. It sat in the cooler for about two hours before I pulled it. Here are the results..

The butt wasn't as tender as others I've cooked but the flavor was great! My 3 year old, picky eater daughter couldn't get enough of it..

I also did some ribs on the same smoke. My friend swore I boiled them..I used the 4.5-1-.5 method... :)

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