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Few Weeks' Worth of Q-View

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Hadn't intended to be absent so long, but a long trip to the West Coast and other bits of life got in the way. Rather than drop a bunch of new topics in, going to share the last few smokes (all poultry, conveniently) here:


Chicken legs & quarters:





We needed dinner and I just thought - why not get the smoker going, even if it's just the three of us (two older kids were in camp). A couple of experiments here - I literally got my Maverick T732 that day (thank you UPS) and I also had just picked up some other wood varieties - used Cherry and Pecan. I faked a rub based on some suggestions in one of my Weber cookbooks - kinda one from column A, one from Column B. Smoked around 1hr 45 mins to about 167; temperature in the WSM fluctuated a lot, so I think I still have control issues, but probably averaged around 250.


Results were good, but the rub didn't quite do it - I don't think I'm a chef who understands flavor profiles or whatever, so I'm better off with formal recipes or premade rubs. There was also a difference of anywhere from 20-30 degrees between the Maverick and the built in thermometer, so clearly I learned not to trust the built in. I also think I should've taken it off a bit earlier - somewhere between 155-160. Good but not great meal, but I did turn the leftovers into Jambalaya which I enjoyed, so waste not want not.

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Boneless Turkey breast - we had guests coming for the weekend and it looked like a good opportunity to test out a slightly larger item. I brined a 3 lb boneless breast overnight in the Slaughterhouse brine, though I reduced the amount quite a bit given the relatively small size.




Pulled it out after a 12-hour soak, rinsed & dried it. I only found out later about the idea of drying overnight, so I skipped that step. Used the Weber Southwest rub and apple wood for this smoke. She sat on there for about 3 hours all told - temps on the smoker were all over the map - anywhere from about 230 to 270. I suspect that with so little food on the grates (or maybe it was the amount of water in the bowl) it's a bit harder to stay at a steady temp. I closed some vents down about halfway through and that helped keep things under control a bit more. Ended up taking it off around 155 and dropping it in some foil.


We had it for lunch the next day, so I didn't bother worrying about crisping the skin up. Made some honey mustard and it was outstanding, Even have some leftovers likely to make turkey burritos sometime this week.

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Last one - chicken wings. We had some friends come by today we haven't seen in a while, so we figured on a mixed grill of wings, sliders and hot dogs (for the kids, mostly)






This is a repeat of the first smoke I ever did, so a little experience helped here. I used the same Weber Southwest rub from the turkey the other day, and Hickory. Temp held rock steady at 240, and they sat on there for about 1:45. Dropped them on the gas grill for 5 minutes to perk them up and they were fantastic. Not even any leftovers - I sent the few that were still there at the end of the meal home with our friends. 

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Skinny Dan. try adding some Cinnamon and "Turbinato" sugar to the party(raw sugar) 


That's , another layer , then if you add a 'Hot' element - you get another layer ...  and so on... strong or I should say , stand alone , flavors... simple as I can get cool.gif.


Give , JJ a call , I could be off ...

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