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Time to get back into the game!!!

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I haven't been able to smoke anything in well over a year due to the fact that I've been working all over the country. It's really been killing me not being able to smoke some good eats. Well finally I'm able to again. I got a local job which lets me be home every night now. Anyway, I decided since I don't have a lot of room here, I'd just get a brinkman electric like I had before. I bought her this past weekend and now is the first time I'm able to use it. I decided to do some spares and a butt for my girlfriends dads bday today. The butt has been on since 8am and stalled out about 5 hours into it. It needs to be done by 4pm today so I wrapped it up and shoved it in the oven, which I hate to do, but time is not on my side. The spares have been in since 9am and after 4 hours wrapped them instead of the 3. I like a little tug, however the others like fall off the bone. So instead of 3-2-1 I'm doing 4-1-1. Usually I let them just ride out unwrapped but gotta please the masses. Well thats it for now, hopefully I'll have some Qview for you guys in a few.

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Good luck and have fun, glad you can smoke again

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Sounds good, I like to do Ribs "Naked " too icon14.gif, send some Q-view of the finish...

 after naked cook...


  nice , bite off consistency...biggrin.gif


I do Butts "naked " too, but have had the time issues too... oven is O.K. , but full time is betterdrool.gif




Have fun and . . .

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