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Three hour tour

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Into the fog we go.

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Good bye land!
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I've spent almost a year of my life under the ocean and 6 months on top.. I'd take a 3 hour tour anytime compared to months at a time! :)
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Good thing I brought my own beer!
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Successful day!
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Sweet.. Great catch for the kids!

Too bad you don't know much about cooking them.
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Time well spent!! They will probably never forget.

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Any Day with the Kids/Grandkids is a great day...


If you find Gilligan and the others out there, say "Hello" for me...biggrin.gif

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Check this out... make them Children some Fish...


have fun and . . .

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Oh they love to eat fish!!! We had a great weekend. The fishing trip was just the start. Spent Saturday and Sunday at the Toledo Oregon Wooden boat show. They paddled and rowed boats, built wooden boats and watched the card board boat races! Great time. I even smoked dinner on the Mini-WSM. Love that smoker for camping!
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