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My ECB + some past Q-View

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Hey guys, thanks for having me here and I'm excited to shop talk with fellow ECB owners and operators. Here's a quick pic of when I finally got mine all modded a few months back.

My mods include:
New temp gage
Legs on the outside
Holes in the charcoal pan
10.25" grate in the charcoal pan so the ash can escape
1/4" U-Hooks on the cooking grates to serve as handles

Everything I've cooked on my ECB has turned out better than expected. Here are some examples of some past q-view

My first batch of PP. This was a 3lb loin roast I smoked for 6 hours that I pulled. Was short in cash and this was what I found in the freezer so I figured why not for my first cook

Some 3-2-1 spare ribs. So tender, half the rack fell apart while slicing.

Some ABT's I cooked up for the girlfriend's birthday. They lasted about 2 minutes before we devoured them.

A little bit of TBS...

My first attempt at a brisket for Father's Day. Not that deep of a smoke ring but the bark was absolutely smokey and delicious. Had leftover sandwiches for days.

Some thighs I did. Skin was rubbery, which was disappointing. Gotta practice my chicken skills

And this brings us to today's smoke. A 5.5lb bone in picnic. Hitting it with an apple/mesquite blend as a change of pace. Hope you guys enjoyed the q-view!
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Finally found a picture of the handles I made for the cooking grates. I reinforced it with washers so it stays sturdy.

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Excellent. I removed the legs all together, then set the firepan down on 3 cinder blocks with smoker resting on it. Depending on the opening in the cider blocks, I can get some great airflow. Temps up to 450º on a full pan of coals.



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I was contemplating doing that. How easy is it to tend the fire that way?
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Originally Posted by MrChuckieRock View Post

I was contemplating doing that. How easy is it to tend the fire that way?


Easy as pie. Just lift the smoker up, there's the fire pan. This way you lose no heat trapped in the dome.

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What time you throwing on that picnic roast? Interested to hear how that comes along and tastes.


It's burgers and sausages for me today. Going to the Pat's game tonight and decided to KISS. Next game is 2 weeks, so I will have some time to q up some ribs or PP and then reheat it off the tailgate. 


Thanks for joing us here on the ECB group. Our motto should be no mod goes un-tried.

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Went down for about 8 hours, to an IT of 200*. Could've gone for a bit longer because it didn't pull that easily, but it turned out great. I combined the drippings, some cider vinegar, Cajun seasoning, black pepper, salt and a sliced onion as a finishing sauce and ladled it over the pulled pork. The onion carmalized a bit as I cooked and it gave the meat so much flavor. Probably some of my best PP to date
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