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Smoking a turkey for the first time TODAY!!!!!

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I'm smoking a turkey for the first time,and if anyone has advice and or does or don'ts

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I have done a few. I don't stuff the bird, I believe it lets it cook more evenly. I have found that if I cut the legs and wings off, and cook everything to the right IT thingswirk nice. I also spray with butter and apple juice. Don't over rub it, let it taste like turkey.
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Ditto....don't stuff the bird....will not cook completely in the smoker.(inside the bird)...and then folks will have the "turkey trots".....don't want that.



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If you can crank your smoker up to 275-285 to save some time.
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rub the bird down with rub of choice, get a little under the skin with some butter on the breasts(although not needed) suggest a fruit wood like apple or cherry with a bit of hickory or sugar maple in the mix, but again any wood of your liking will do...a nice apple juice spritz will help out during the smoke..,crank it to at least 285* to cut down cook time and also to crisp that skin up(i run my turkeys at 300-310), turkey has en extra thick rubbery texture when not crispy..its like a doggy tug toy. haha. idk why someone would stuff a turkey smoked or otherwise to begin with, but thats a no no to me. something like an onion thrown in there works for me. just adds a bit o flavor to the inside.
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I know people wrap there birds, does anyone out suggest it

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325 just like chickens.. Great smoke flavor juicy and great skin.
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I put my 10lb bird on at 11:20.I would post some pics but I need to charge my camera

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Advice, we always have advice...biggrin.gif.


O.K. , have a good (calibrated Thermometer) and keep track of the IT (probe type is the best here), and be "Patient"


have fun and...

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having trouble with my temp.I want to know does anyone else have trouble raising there temp when using charcoal not hard wood coal

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open up your air intake and make sure the ash from the coal isn't blocking the air intake...also open the exhaust vent all the way...better air flow=higher you get to your desired temp slowly start to close down the intake....but not all the way or you will choke it takes time to learn smokers and how to adjust the temp...

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I have a more success at using wood or hard lump coal than using briquettes

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what kind of pit you got there , brother ?

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a off set smoker from wal~mart that has a lot of air gaps

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 Shawn, hello. If you do better with Wood, then by all means use that... here's a bit of reading that may help.

 Meanwhile, even though you Smoker is really leaky , use some Tin Foil and temporarily plug the leaks. Then , if you do well, then do the MODS. on the unit and stick with what you do best.


Practice is a great tool... and as Redneck said , Learn your Smoker. Play with it, when you are bored , mad at someone or something , need alone time ... anything, learn it's hot spots, how it breathes , the amount of fuel you tend to use in it , and a very important thing is to keep a log of everything you do with or to your Smoker. Keep recipes at hand ...


Hope this helps some, and as you go along ...

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Briquettes make a lot of ash. Shake it down and add more burning charcoal if the temp will still not get to where you want it...JJ

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