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found tri tip is SE Michigan!

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I've been hearing about how delicious tri tip is on this forum and figured I'd call around and see if anyone had it. I live near Royal Oak, none of the local grocery stores had it including Costco. I finally found it at RJ's down in Detroit right next to Eastern Market. If you've never been to the gratiot central market, it's amazing! Imagine 10 different specialty butcher shops in the same gigantic building! It's a meat lover's paradise! Pricing is all significantly less than any local grocery store.

Happy smoking!
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Oh, yes it was not cheap. $7.99 a pound, ouch. All the stories about $4 a pound tri tip in California sounds great! Smoking two tri tip roasts tomorrow afternoon!
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I have indeed been to that market several times, however not in some years.  I live in Ann Arbor and don't get to Detroit all that often.  All of the butchers have competitive prices and I always found the product to be of good quality. 


I too have heard much about tri tip, but have never had it or cooked it.  I may have to give it a try.  

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I lived in California for 12 years....tri tip was in every grocery store, and was a cheap way to cook steak.  Couldn't believe it wasn't available when I moved back to the Midwest several years ago.  

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