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When I use the bottom rack I always use a diffuser. I used to use a 12" terra cotta saucer, but now I am using a 10" square chunk of stone I had lying around. I do just use the steamer tray when cooking on the upper rack and for hot cooks. Anything low and slow I use a diffuser for though.
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Ray I mostly just use the top rack which is a few inches from the top. If I use 2 racks there is usually only about 15 degrees difference between top and bottom. I'll send you a couple pics of how it's set up.
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DirtSailor2003:  Thanks for the reply.  

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FWISmoker:  I will be looking for the pictures.  Thanks!

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As soon as my phone email decides it wants to work..dang electronics
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This is my original lid that I drilled holes in. It acts as a second diffuser but I only use this if I do 2 level cooking..notice I puffed it up to give the basket more head room
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This is how I normally cook with only the steamer rack in. This pic is only showing my bottom rack..I pulled the top one to take the picture
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nyre6yta.jpg This shows me using the second diffuser. Using only my steamer or the extra diffuser it allows drippings to reach the coals either way. It's all about getting the most flavor!

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FWIsmoker:  Thanks for the pictures.  I have two new racks and will add another rack 4" below the top rack.  Also I will keep the pot steamer tray intact and have a steel pizza pan that fits the top of the Smokey Joe Base perfectly.  I will drill holes in it and post pics when completed.  Thanks!

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In the mean time, here is a photo of the best brisket I have smoked and tasted - and note I am a Texan and have tried to copy the brisket of an old black man who use to smoke brisket in South Fort Worth in the 40s (I am sure he used Oak).. I trimmed the Brisket leaving about 1/4" of Fat on top, put worchestershire sauce on, and wrapped in commercial plastic wrap for 24 hrs (Note:  I do not put rub on and wrap and refrigerate, because the salt in the rub will draw out the moisture from the meat). After this, I rubbed the brisket with Jeff's Rib Rub and injected with a stick of unsalted butter, a bit of Worchestershire Saurce, a little rub, a cup of Apple Juice and a cup of Low Sodium Beef Broth and smoked with Pecan Wood.  I also mopped with this injection mixture periodically after 3 hrs into the smoke.  The taste was out of this world.  This was smoked on my WSM 22.5 Bullet.  NOTE:  I bought my brisket at Sam's Club - Angus USDA Prime.


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Ray.. welcome to the mini club.. I too have one... I did mine a lil different then y'all... I cut the bottom out of the pot.. made a grate to go past the indented ring and it sits on the lip of the bottom of the pot... I cut a piece of 1/4" plate (diffuser/heat sync) about a 1-1 1/2" smaller than the hole i cut in the bottom of the pot... It sits on that bottom grate and leaves about a 1/2-3/4 inch opening around the outside... on top of that I put a handleless 12" iron skillet (heat sync/drippings catcher) lined with new aluminum foil for each cook... easier clean up that way... I have 3 racks and going to put a 4th in at the top...

here's a link to my build
http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/124570/my-version-of-the-mini-wsm I finally did get the temps evened out after a half dozen uses...

after a few uses any little air leaks will seal up with grease and such... as for setting your pot on your counter top to load... it's gonna leave a nasty greasy ring after a few cooks....

but anyways.. maybe a few ideas you might wanna use....
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JckDaniels:  Thanks for the comments and inputs.  Your mod's look great.  BTW:  Being retired Navy, we lived in Pensacola, FL for eleven years, also in Kissimee and New Smyrna Beach.

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Nice nice smoke ring!
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Looks great. Mini is in my future.
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FWIsmoker & Dirtsailor2003:  I made the modifications and used coals that I used for the previous 5 hr Rib smoke.  The smoker is working great and is very efficient.  It has be going for about 4 hrs. now.  Here are some pics of the mods -- 


Smokey Joe Base with Cat Dish Ash Guard


Newly constructed Charcoal Basket


Diffuser Made From Steel Pizza Pan


Smoker Set-Up For Top Rack Smoking


Trivet in place for Terra Cota Diffuser Plate



Terra Cota Plate in Place.  I also added option for extra rack.

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C Farmer:  You won't be disappointed,  This mini is great!

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Awesome!!! Take the pot out for 1 rack cooking..especially for high heat chickens.

Very very very nice!

I thought your pot came with a steamer..it looks like it from the outside
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FWIsmoker:  The pot came with a steamer, but the steel pizza pan fit the Smokey Joe Base perfectly and I thought the steel pan just above the charcoal would be better and last longer.  The pizza pan is to large in diameter to fit inside the pot, but I can still used the steamer that came with the pot inside if needed.

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Good I'm glad you have the steamer. Personally I'd use only the steamer tray for one level cooks and add the steel one for 2 level cooks. You should NEVER need the tera pot when using that steel pizza pan. You'll be able to load your basket higher when you're only using the steamer.

I can't believe how good that thing fits!
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FWIsmoker and all who have commented on my mini.  Because of your inputs, I have a excellent small smoker that is a workhorse. I can eliminate the Terra Cota dish.  I highly recommend adding the steel pizza pan.  I didn't measure it, but it is the exact outer diameter of the Smokey Joe Base top and the Steamer Pot Base fits exactly.  Thanks for you comments, pictures, and recommendations.


These Stub's Coals Left Over From 5 Hr. Baby Back Smoke were started again by adding 10 new lit charcoals.  This is what remained when tested the modification after an additional 6 hrs.


After 6 hrs.this is the ash that remained.  Cat Bowl Ash Filter works great!

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