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1st smoke

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trying to smoke a butt hope I do this right!
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I like the UDS trailer. Lets see some Qview of the butt. Your going to do a great job, The uds holds temps so well. What temp are you using?

Happy smoken.


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I put it on about an hour ago its holding at 240 right now. Ill post a pic of the finished product this afternoon.
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240° should be great.


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Gonna wrap it or stay nekkid ??

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very sweet ride for the UDSPDT_Armataz_01_42.gif

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I think I am gonna wrap it at 165 and see how it turns out! I found that cart at a flea market I am gonna paint it and fix it up
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here is the finished product half of it was perfect other half a little dry but over all it taste very good. For a first time ill take it!
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Looks GREAT!

Thanks for sharing.


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Looks terrific. Way better than my first butt. Congratulations.



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PIMP YO UDS... lol. That would be great to weld a shelf to the front of the cart.. And alittle charcoal storage under it.. bam! Either way its a nice addition!

Oh.. your butt looks good too;)
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Sounds like you did good!  It could have been a bit leaner than most butts, especially on the side that was a bit dryer

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