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Southern style sausage with Q-View

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To hot to do anything else so I decided I needed some fresh sausage.

Started off with a 10.25 pound boston butt. Used AC leggs smoked sausage seasoning #105 and cure 1. With my limited experience the AC leggs stuff I have tried is way better that my first 2 tries with home made recipes? If you can't beat 'em join them! The prices are very reasonable from columbia spice.




Ready to grind.

Added some extra pork fat to make an even 10 pounds.


Stuffed and into the fridge over night.

Into the smoker at 6am this morning. Using Amazin smoker with a blend of hickory and apple.Going to be a long wait. Made these a few weeks ago and every one loved them. Trying to get close to a Kelly's smoked sausage which we have here. $1.50 a pound is better than over $3 and this is leaner. Added a touch more cayenne to the spice mix this time. The little bit that was left over was really good in the fry pan.

Really need a smoke house so I can do bigger batches! Taste report this afternoon. Thanks for looking.

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Looks pretty darn good to me! 

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Looks great!

Happy smoken.


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Looks Awesome Tim!!! Can't wait to see the bloom!

I've got a few links hanging right now too!

(Sorry I had to delete the link, Jeff doesn't want links posted anymore but it looks like a good place to get some supplies!)
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Sausage looks great, waiting to hear your verdict on the outcome.

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Looks good Tim a few links for breakfast when you come over might be a good thing sausage.gif

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Looks great....make sure to show the final q-views



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Turned out good. Nice smokey flavor. I think I may add little some crushed pepper to the next batch for a little more heat.


Jerry I have some set a side for breakfast!

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Damn Tim.... thems looking mighty tasty... hows my stuffer working.. LOL just kidding... heyyyyy.. I think you need to stop and pick Jerry up and you 2 come to the SFL Gathering... I got a jar of Dave's apple shine... and I have a jar of strawberry my buddy from VA. brought to me...
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Nice looking sausage Tim.... One thing I have found is it takes a while to get the heat just right when trying to make breakfast sausage. I have played around with pepper flakes, cayenne and I like to use both. I know you like things nice and hot...

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Awesome looking sausage Tim!!!!!!!!!!

I was thinking we could make some "peach cobbler" I have Kyle's recipe!
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That, Sir, is fine looking sausage. My compliments.



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Now thats the way its suppose to look...Nice job !

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