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Looks great! How long to what IT and what temps on the ECB? What's that butt weigh? Looks really good, lol!

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4.5lb picnic roast at 250 for 7 hours, pulled it off at 205 and wrapped in foil, then a towel and tossed in the cooler for 30 minutes, fell right apart.  

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Pretty sweet. Nice cook!

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Did another one, 6lb.  Had the stall hit had at 170, bounced 160-170 for two hours.  Had to be ready for dinner, so I wrapped it in foil and cranked open the vents and let her rip.  Took about 5 hours at 250 before I wrapped it and cranked it up to 300 for the final 4 hours.  Used Soflaquer's finishing sauce.  Fed 8 and had rave reviews.  I thought the smoke ring was weak, but the flavor of the smoke was spot on to my tastes.  I used pecan, cherry and apple. 

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Scarbelly time
2:1 franks to creole butter

Light coat of mix


Dusted with my own blend of creole seasoning
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Not too bad, could of been better, not sure what was wrong.
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what was wrong with them? They look good. You reminded me to go out and buy some more chicken thighs to smoke. 

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Smoked @250 for two hours. Only laid a real light smoke on them. They didn't have a great flavor. I'm not sure if I did a poor/incorrect job of injecting or what. I cooked them with in an hour of injecting, maybe I should of done it earlier? I'm not sure where I went wrong but I need to tweak these.
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I have never injected. I like to flavor mine up with cajun spices, a couple dashes of chili powder, some garlic powder and salt and pepper... If i do skin on Chicken, I throw everything under the broiler or on the grill on high for a few minutes to crisp up the skin... The chicken thighs are better skinless IMO

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That was my first injection. Maybe I just expected too much.  I don't know, I know a lot of hard cores are against it, maybe for good reason.



Spare rib night! 

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I have learned the hard way with chicken and the ECB.  In order to get good tasting chicken with the ECB using charcoal, you will need to get the temp high. 275-300 at least.  The ECB I'm starting to realize is great for doing Pork Butts,Ribs and Tenderloin. Until you mod your ECB like Bob did, those of us that are still using charcoal will continue to have temp issues. IMHO.

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I guess I disagree.  I don't have temp control issues, very minor ones at the worst  I can let it alone for 2 hours with minimal change in temps.  I've held 300 for a two hours before too, charcoal eating sucker, so it would be labor some any longer than that, but it could be done. 


In the past I've no issues doing drummies, thighs and whole birds on my ECB @ 250.  I usually crank it wide open for the last half hour to crisp-en things up.   


The skin was okay on those wings, it was far from perfect, but it bit right off.  The meat was tender and juicy.  I just didn't think much of the injection everyone was raving about, the wings weren't terrible, they just weren't that great.

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I am still cooking with charcoal. I use the propane only when I need or can use higher temps than 300. Like if i was doing a butt for PP and I don't want to cook my weekend away, lol. 


I made some killer thighs a couple of weeks ago. When they get up to temp I just toss them in the oven on broil for about 5-7 minutes and the skin crisps up nice. 

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