22 1/2 capacity

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How many racks of baby back ribs is it possible to do on a 22 1/2? I know 8 would be easy with both racks. By cutting a few in half I know I could fit in more.

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If I am leaving them flat I do 3 on each rack (spares trimed to St. Loui cut), but with a rib rack I can get anywhere from 6-8 on each rack depending on the rib rack (mine holds 6). If you are wanting to do a lot of ribs at one go definately get a couple of rib racks, then you don't have to trim any of them to make them fit.

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I have a couple of racks but they they only hold 4 each. If I could squeeze 8 on each grate that would be awesome, even if I would have to cut the outside racks in half. May have to make a rack that holds 7 or 8.

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Chris over at The Virtual Weber Bullet says:

18-1/2" WSM

4 chickens, cut into halves, flat on the cooking grates
2 whole butterflied chickens, 3 slabs of rolled baby back ribs, 4 sausages, and four baked apples
8 slabs of rolled baby back ribs
2 13-lb whole briskets
4 8-lb pork butts

22-1/2" WSM

6 slabs of baby back ribs cooked in a rib rack using only the top cooking grate
6 beer can chickens
6 8-lb pork butts
2 13-lb whole briskets