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Timing question

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Hey gurus. I plan on doing a 6.5# brisket and an 8# chicken. I know I'll need about 9 hours for my brisket. I plan on starting at 7am Monday. I wanna pull the brisket at 195 IT around 3pm. I'll foil it, towel it, and place it in a cooler. Put my chicken in at 3pm and have it done about 6-630.

Will my brisket retain a serving temp wrapped up in the cooler for those 3 hours?
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The brisket will be fine for 3 hours...What temp are you smoking at?


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I have good briskets at 235. For the chicken I'll ramp up to 300.

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Thw chicken should be done early.  If so towel it so you don't loose the crispy skin

Happy smoken.


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