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were they advising against the firebox in the middle or laying the cooker sideways or both ? I could see how the  fire box would make a big hot spot in the middle but we did it once on a cooker and cut in a vertical cook box in the middle with doors in the lid on either side and drafted both ends of the cooker we also put a baffle on the fire box to help with the heat.  I have also seen other people use two small fireboxes on the back spread out but I don't know how it worked I have only seen pictures. I guess if you could work out the draft it would work fine. I am going to use on offset firebox this time and that's why I am here. I have been reading a lot about people using tuning plates to make the heat even all the way across the cooker. It seems like if you wanted to put the firebox on the back you could achieve the same thing but I don't know enough about them yet. As far as laying it down standing up I always go for the most cooking surface but if you stand it up you have room for multiple racks. I don't think I am helping it is a big decision I think either way will work great if you can move the heat and smoke like it needs to move. Let me know what you decide and any info you get from other people. I hope it goes well for you

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I think the major hang up was the center firebox. Cooking area was why I wanted to lay it down. There's alot to consider especially with this being my first build. So much knowledge on here so I figured I'd get some answers. Thanks for your input
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good talking to you look forward to see what you decide maybe some photos of how it is going

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You too thanks for the advice
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Another question for you guys there are 3 bungs across the top exactly where I need to cut. Should I cut them out first and patch back in or just cut it and fix after the cut? Looking for the easiest fix but any advice is greatly appreciated.

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Ribs from last weekend

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I would cut them, patch them and then make your cut. Looking good keep us posted.



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Here's what I'm thinking so far any thoughts are welcome.

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You got it..... That's the way I'd set it up... lots of room for additional shelving..... Using a plenum, attach the stack 1/2 way between the top of the CC and the lower cooking grate.... Add additional length to the stack to compensate for it being lowered toward the grate.....

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It has been several months... How are you coming with the build......

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Been busy at work so it's going slow then got sidetracked building this for my garage.

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