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I don't need freezer space for Dutch's beans eat all I can with whatever meal I prepared them for then into the fridge then eat them the next day or two they don't last long they are that good and if the son in law is around I may not have any left to put in the fridge to start with that boy can put a hurting on them in a hurry biggrin.gif

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Trouble is, my wife doesn't eat beans and both my boys are out on their own. I wouldn't want to try and eat that many beans, I wouldn't be any fun to be around...I will definitely make them for an upcoming cookout along with a nice Boston Butt for some pulled pork sandwiches. Not sure when the big cookout is, but I think the weekend after labor day. 

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Glad to be part of the group ladies and gents!!

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welcome1.gif , bro!
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Originally Posted by Hambone1950 View Post

welcome1.gif , bro!

Thanks my man!!

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Just an FYI for those living W. Mass and N. CT (or farther if you don't mind the drive).....


Arnold's Meats over in Chicopee and E. Longmeadow have pork butts on sale for $1.25 a pound.  They are sold whole only and usually two per package.  


Heading over there after work and pick 4 to put in the smoker tomorrow. biggrin.gif

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that's a sweet deal. There will be a lot of smoking out that way this weekend. I did a small 4 pounder yesterday. Love the PP!  

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Oh yes there was.  I smoked up 4 pork butts and two sirloin steaks.  The steaks were thin and I did not pull them fast enough so they were a little over cooked but still had great flavor.  The pulled pork came out great.  I even experimented a little with one and injected it with wing sauce.  It came out very good.  You don't taste too much of the wing sauce until the end, but it adds a nice little zip to the meat.  


I had two folks at work buy one off of me and then another was going to a buddy of mine who was helping me changing out the ball joints on my jeep.


All in all a good day of smoking.  


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I just found this group, and was happy to see other folks from Mass. enjoying smoking. I started with a Brinkman charcoal smoker, then to a Brinkman propane combo smoker/grill, and then on to a Great Smoky cabinet smoker. I guess I liked them all since I actually wore them all out. Today I'm using the Masterbuilt 40" electric. So far I'm very happy with it.  Today I smoked a 3.5lb porketta that came out perfect.


Bill Golden




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Look nice and Juicy, Bill and Welcome to the Group.  Thumbs Up

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welcome1.gif , neighbor !
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Thanks Hambone:grilling_smilie:
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Thanks Hambone, glad I found you group. grilling_smilie.gif
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Originally Posted by bgolden49 View Post

Thanks Hambone, glad I found you group. grilling_smilie.gif

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Hey Guys just getting here sorry I know this is an old discussion.


Bobank03    I've had season tix since Parcell's became coach, if you're not going to precook find something you can do in less than 2hrs.  you're going to find after cleaning and putting everything away its quite the project and takes a while.  My go to was steak tips then serve with rice and gravy or grill any kind of chicken.  I'm' sure by now you've got it dialed in.  Just this season I transferred my seats to a friend of mine got to be a chore instead of a treat.





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As long as you still enjoy the games! I have only been to a couple of games this year as I am splitting the tix with my two sons. Mu oldest saw one heck of a game Sunday night. I made some chili and froze that and heated it up at the September NASCAR race. We dumped it on some hotdogs and homemade french fries. Ive never seen that much chili, hot dogs and 10 pounds of french fires disappear that quickly. There were 10 of us though!


I still like sweet or hot (or both) italian sausages with peppers and onions of course. I am going to the December 8th and 29th games (Cleveland and Buffalo) so I just bought one of those 15000 BTU propane tank top heaters and I have just about everything else I could possibly need, so I guess I'm vested for a few years of tailgating, lol. 

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And Erik, welcome to SMF. Relax, put your feet up and enjoy! 

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