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Getting smoker given to me

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So I've had just a generic ECB since christmas. I've used it quite a bit and I love it. However, I'm getting this given to me. It's my understanding that you would generally put smoldering wood in the side and smoke meat indirectly. I don't have access to things to do that. Is there any way I can still use this smoke with charcoal? I was thinking like a pan in the bottom of the main part or something? Also, there is a vent on the side, do you think that would work for airflow if I did use charcoal in the middle? Does anyone have a good link to a tutorial or how to on how to use one of these?

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There are a bunch of folks on here that use those. Try searching "chargriller mods" and that'll get you started. You can make a charcoal basket for the side fire box pretty easily.

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