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Masterbuilt GS40 questions

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Hi all, Im hoping this is the right place to ask my questions. I have a Masterbuilt GS40 that i have been using weekly for about a year. I have been able to make some amazing meats and have been getting pretty good at it. But i have been having a issue. I cant keep my temp below 300+ when its 80-90 degrees outside. Where in the winter i can have it at 150 all day. So my ribs are cooking so fast. I thought about moding another vent like stove pipe with damper on the top. Any advice for me? 

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Matt, morning.....  Think about a needle valve to reduce the gas flow to the burner....     Winter temps reduce the pressure in the propane tank...  A propane tank, in the summer sun, will heat up and create more pressure.....    It also could be a faulty pressure regulator from your description.....     Dave

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