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And So It Begins! And How it ends, the final product (Q-View)

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Let the good smoke roll!!!
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What are we cooking today?

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 I know it will be good!pepsi.gif. Watching.



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I thought you were out of controlsorry.gif


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Nice lookin fence behind yas.......

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That's the fence to the veggie garden to keep all the the tasty critters out!

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I wish that was the fence to veggie garden!!!!

A bit of a teaser for ya all...

Raining, thunder, windy, nothing gonna stop this smoke!
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that is looking good.


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Very nice color on those quarters Case!!!
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Looks great.
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man.. save me one.. I'll be there in a couple of days (maybe)... LOL
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Great looking plants and the quarters look fantastic!!!

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What the lovely lady said ^^^^^ ;)
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I learned Case how to get that color;) Looking GOOD!
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So I did another experiment to see if my injecting theory was true. On small cuts of chicken, such as wings you can inject them and get flavor into the meat and still end up with a crispy skin. A few smokes ago I injected half of a chicken (Some like it hot some not). One thing that happened with that smoke was I wasn't able to get the skin to crisp up. Something I attributed to the extra moisture from the injection. I wanted to cook these quarters Scarbelly style for pulled chicken buffalo sandwees. I injected them up with Frank's, and Cajun Butter. One of the quarters I injected with bbq sauce (the boys don't like it hot!) So these smoked up the same as I always do, but no crispy skin!!! Even after searing direct rubber, rubbery, goo. I have concluded that the additional moisture from the injection leads to rubbery skin! NO more Injection for me unless it's wings!!!!



Wasted some of this on the rubbery skin I had to throw out!






Whatcha cooking Dad??



Cherry TBS!!!



Into the smoke they go.



See that shine? Yeah that's moisture turning the skin into rubber!



Lets see if a direct grill will fix things up.









Still burnt rubber!!! This skin is gone! Another thing that I found is that all the moisture produced a ton of steam and even though I had great TBS the skin had a creosote flavor. NO more injecting whole or large cuts of chicken for me!

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Yep I believe you're correct on the excess moisture at the skin. It's impossible to reach the crisping temp on the skin if you have evaporative cooling keeping it way below where you want it..... It was like cooking it at 250 or less degrees vs 325 on the surface.

I know the meat was still tasty though.... Case look at my last chicken.. I'll try to find it but the skin was missing from half of the beast and it came out looking like it had crispy skin there. Gotta love cooking birds over hot coals!
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Good info


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Originally Posted by FWIsmoker View Post


I know the meat was still tasty though....

Haven't touched it yet! Smoked yesterday for pulled sandwees this evening. I'm sure it will be great!

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Originally Posted by themule69 View Post

Good info


I like to experiment, even when they aren't complete success!

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Case here it is... The whole top of the breast skin was missing! 

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