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Some quick chourico and kielbasa

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I am two weeks away from finishing the project that I have been working on at work since February.  With my successor taking over my responsibilities I finally have a little time to breath.  I took advantage of one of the few occasions in the past six months that my days off have not been spent on the phone or Blackberry and threw together a batch of chourico, kielbasa, and some beef sticks. 


I apologize for the lack of pictures but this was more therapy than anything else.  I case anyone is wondering the sliced kielbasa was the link with the probe, thats what the hole in the slices is.









Laredo-20130728-00828.jpg 1,042k .jpg file
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Well Dale I would like to say it looks Great but I can't see it without downloading to my computer, try uploading photos like this:
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Thanks Dave.  Its been a while since I've posted photos.

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Now I can say "That's some Great looking Sausage Dale!!!"

I'm just getting started in making sausage so what is chourico?
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This chourico is the portuguese version.  There are many variations usually unique to a country or region.  This is the kind that I grew up on in Southern New England where there is a large Portuguese community.

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Nice looking sausage Dale....... I would definetly eat that................
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Looks great - nice job

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Looks awesome for  sure.......Looks-Great.gif

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Nothing like fresh sausage, Great job!

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