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Cure Question

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Hey all. My mom works in a rather large meat processing plant. I asked her to get me some cure. She brought me home two 1oz packages of 6.25% legg cure. It says use 1oz per 25# meat. How would I equate that to brine for bacon?
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here's ya a link to ddf's calculator.

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Thanks but I'm not sure if that helps me. I'm asking if the ratio of cure to meat is the same when I'm making a liquid brine for bacon or if I'm using it dry.
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No, it's not the same.
There are several ways to do it.
One of the easiest, is Pops' brine.

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i **THINK** the ppm (parts per million) is the same in either brine or dry rub because the ppm is the ratio of meat to cure. 


i have used pops brine recipe with pretty good results. never tried dry cure bacon. might post in the bacon section or shoot one of the bacon guru's a pm on it.

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