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My first brisket

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Its 0500 and my smoker has been getting up to temp for my first brisket.  I'll keep posting the progress... along with Q-views, as I already know the requests for it will come.  Keeping fingers crossed here for some tender brisket!!

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Got it in the smoker !!

IMG_0405.JPG 1,775k .JPG file




IMG_0404.JPG 1,963k .JPG file
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Digging the smoker. Very nice. Good luck
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About 3 hours in and bark is starting to form nicely ( at least I think so ) and juices are starting to flow... Trying to keep the temp between 275-300.  Fingers still crossed...


Should I rotate it around some so the heat isnt coming across the point end the whole time?

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I would leave it alone but it won't hurt to rotate.
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finished brisket... done in about 6 hours.. sooner than I had planned, but hey... Its resting now...


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Let us know how it turns out. I usually cook mine at a lower temp.

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Send some sliced and plated shots.  6 hrs. seems quick. I'm a L&S man. 225*F . I like the slower pace.


popcorn.gif , wating for those shots...biggrin.gif

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I think it turned out good for my first one. 


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I think it looks Awesome for your first one!!!!
Oh and the burnt ends.....Ummmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!
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Looks like you freakin nailed it!

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I shouldn't have looked at that...I haven't had lunch!!    Good Job!

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You should be happy!  That looks dead on perfect to me!  Great job!



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