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I've made jerky multiple times in my charbroil blackbox (similar to the GOSM). I get low fat beef, usually london broil or top round, sliced in 1/8" stips and marinate and season for 24hrs, then smoke for +-4hrs @ 150-160. Been pretty satisfied w/ my results, curious to hear what else jerky-wise can be done. My basic recipe:


Black pepper


chili powder

garlic powder

onion powder


soak in worcestershire and soy sauce w/ teriyaki or a hot sauce (for spicy jerky) or whatever flavor you see fit. 

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if you like your recipe.. then its good. I keep mine simple as well.. ground black pepper.. cayenne. red pepper flakes and some paprika... little water.. (no salt) and some cure ( I just switched to cure#1)... marinade/cure overnight about 5lbs at a time...  its perfect for me.... just my lil opinion...

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