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First time Beef Short Ribs. Question.

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We bought a quarter cow last year and I am finally getting around to trying the short ribs.  After a lot of reading I think I am going to try the 3-2-1 method.  I do have one question.  Is it ok for the short ribs to rest wrapped in foil in a cooler (like you would do with brisket or pork butt)?  My son has music lessons at 5:30-6 and we are planning on eating around 6:30.  I would like to be able to pull them before his class that way we can be ready to eat shortly after I get back and not have to worry if they will be done in time.  Is it better to eat them as soon as they come out or can they rest and still be good?



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you can rest them..i do shortys all the time and when im doing multiple things on the smoker i wrap them in foil and leave them sitting in a cooler..theyll stay hot. you wont keep a bark on them in the foil but they sure will be delicious. heres a thread i did a while back.
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You sure can do that . Like TB said you won't have a good bark on them. You could always crisp them up on a hot grill really quick when you get home if that's important to you. BSR's sure are good. Here's the last batch that I did along with some baby backs.

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