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storing charcoal

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i'm going to be storing my charcoal in my shed. should i find a sealed container? ie rubber sealed rubbermaid? or can i just use any old rubbermaid style container? maybe use some silicone and seal the edge? wife says the charcoal has to get out of the kitchen lol

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uummm.. does the shed leak ? is the charcoal not in bags ? I just put it on something to raise it up off the floor.. but it's also still wrapped in the plastic (2-20 lbers) from the factory...
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I would suppose that would depend on how water tight your shed is.  If it is fairly, I mean a few holes under the roof overhang, insects but not much else might wander through these holes, just a normal rubbermaid type container would suffice.  charcoal, it is dried product. Do your tools, shovels and such, rust out there?  if so moisture content may be too high and thus a sealed container should be used.

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i didnt know if humidity would bother it
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I keep unopened bags in the garage and the open bag goes in a rubber made container on the deck near the grill and smoker. I've never had a moisture issue that way.
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I keep my unopened bags as is in my basement and the open ones I pour into my Kingsford Charcoal Kaddy which I keep outside with my smoker. I haven't had any issues with them keeping dry yet.
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