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I smoked some thighs this weekend. I have a ABS Bar B Cubes vertical smoker. I started it and maintained about 230. The thighs cooked between 2.5-3 hours. The meat was just remarkable. Everyone said the flavor was very good. The moisture was excellent. Not dry at all. Here is the issue. The thought were skin on and bone in. The skin was almost unchewable. It was so tough that everyone including me just peeled it back and ate the meat. Please can someone tell me what I did wrong or what could have happen? Thanks for the help
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Chicken can slow cook fine but the skin really needs higher temps to crisp...over 300

Whole birds I cook at 325 but parts I cook lower and sear them after. I prefer to sear with charcoal and fire but as long as they're seared it'll crisp it.
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Yes and Yes...biggrin.gif FWI has it covered.

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The skin is bad for you anyway.......icon_evil.gif..... Evil skin !!! laugh1.gif  If it is so bad, why does it taste ssssooooo good ?????jaw-dropping.gif ShoneyBoy........ Oh !!!!yeahthat.gif

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