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Wings!!! (Pronounced "Wangs" in Texas)

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A while back I had been cruising this wonderful site and read about a great WING smoke that my friend Dave did. As I remember he used a recipe from a fella that I believe went by the handle of Scarbelly. Further reading it appears that Scarbelly passed away not too long ago. Wish I could have gotten to know that guy. His posts are all over this site and worth the read when you get the time. 


This is a "going from memory"  variation smoke of what Dave did. Thanks for the post Dave....


It's my son in-laws birthday today. He's turning 30. Lordie I hate him for that. I've got Barbecue Tongs older than 30! So asking what he wanted for his birthday dinner home made pizza  came up.  I'm thinking what could be better with pizza than wings?  So on my way home from the golf course I picked up a couple of packs of full wings. 


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First I inject the wings with a 50/50 blend of Creole Butter and Franks Wing Sauce.


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After the injection, I coat the wings with olive oil and rub them with a combination of Tony Chachere's Creole Seasoning and Chicken Seasoning. 


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Those are great.  I made some for the 4th of July.  Dave's recipe is the bomb!


Looks good!



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While the wings sit a bit I fire up the AMNPS smoker with a torch per the instructions.



After about 45 seconds of the torch I let the smoker burn for 10 minutes. Blowing on the punked end to make sure its well lit.


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Lookin'Good Brian!!! Loves me some wangs!!!

Yea the whole world should have known Gary, he was a Great person, one of the true Good Guys!!!
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Ive got my MES 40 turned all the way up to 275.  And the wings go in with  the AMNPS.  I've got my Maverick 732 watching the smoker temp. I've also got the meat probe in one of the larger wings.  however I think I'm not going to get a very good reading.  I like to use internal temps to guide me.  But this one may be a " that looks about right" kind of smoke. I'm expecting about 2 to 3 hours for the wings to cook.  We will see....  B


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They are going to be soGOOD!

Happy smoken.


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You've got everything lined up good ,Brian. Is the Pizza to be a Homemade on the Grill type or Take-out? Idea...icon_idea.gif... do the Wangs, then de-bone them and use that as your meat on the Pizza biggrin.gif . He's your SIL , show him your Style is Still Best...Wisdom over Youth...


Have fun and as always . . .

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Thanks Stan. I always appreciate good comments from the hard working moderators.

Great Idea about that wing meat.  These are oven pizzas.  I'm still figuring out how I want to go about doing pizza outdoors.  Bought a stone for the GWK (Green Weber Kettle)  Haven't used it yet.  Was looking at one of the pizzakettle accessories. Pricy. And not sure I'd use it enough. 


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These babies turned out great. Full of flavor and the injection kept them nice and moist as the skin crisped. Finished with a pinch of Italian herbs. They didn't last long. I'm going to do this again!



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Beautiful Wings, Brian!!!


I can see why they didn't last long!!




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Good lookin wangs Brian!


Thanks for sharing and happy b-day to your young son-in-law!



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Great looking wings! Scarbelly's are the best!
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Again Brian.. good stuff coming out of the smoker!
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That is some great looking wings.

Thanks for sharing.


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They turn out really good. Still amazed at the color  you get on poultry the AMNPS.  Thanks for your help and advice on the gizmo.



I appreciate the kind words. He and my daughter had their dinner. Then got up early this morning to celebrate in Las Vegas.  Leaving the grand baby with us! Which is greatness.



Agreed.  These will become a family staple for football season. 



Thanks again for your continued kind words. 


David Corvette Buddy (DCB)

You're most welcome.  Always my pleasure.  Great day here today. I'll be going for a drive before it gets too hot.



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Nice 'vette B!
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Thanks Mike.  But mine is a kiddie car compared to TheMule's rocket sled. 

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Those are great looking wings!



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