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Stalling Pork

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I never took a picture of pork during the stall.  There was nothing better to do so here it is.

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Uh-huh!  Well, now what?  Another beer perhaps?!  


Count me in!!!


Be sure to post some pics of that bad boy when it's done and pulled!!!!


Thanks for sharing.



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Pretty Bark would do for me!  beercheer.gif



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Looks great!

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And the over baked potato has kept a constant watch on the temps.  

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Mike and I are watching the progress.

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Well of course its stalled, its easy to tell, its not moving.

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Pulling the pork. Very tasty.
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Boy does that look good! Good bark, color, and I can see that moisture. Really nice bark.


Great job.

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Nice looking pork! 


Great job!



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Thanks. It was tasty.
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