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How to break in a WSM

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My wife bought me a WSM 22" charcoal smoker for my birthday and we're now ready to join the wide world of smoking.

Could someone tell us the best way to break in our new smoker. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

We also plan to take the 5 day ecourse offered here in the near future.






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Throw meat in it ASAP!

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Seriously there are a ton of threads on them till your hearts content.   Congrats on your new smoker!

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Great choice!  I have both of them biggrin.gif


Just fire them up and throw some meat in there!  You could spray it down with Pam and light a load of charcoal off in it (which is what I do) just to burn off the newness.  It will run hotter when it's new just because there's no gunk and seasoning to help insulate it but that just takes more and more cooking.


Enjoy it, they are phenomenal cookers!

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Welcome to the forums... this will be the best tutorial you will find... enjoy...
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Thanks for all the help so far

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I recommend the book Low and Slow by Gary Wiviott and checking out The Virtual Weber Bullet website. Both contain a wealth of knowledge about this cooker.
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