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Costco Vision Kamado prices dropping

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I wasn't really sure where to post this...


Costco's Vision grill dropped from $549. to $399. in store this week, at least at my local branch. Looks like end of season  is finally here :)  They only seem to have 6 left on the floor.

I think I'm going to wait another week and see what happens...maybe it will drop again. Hope they don't sell out.

They are still $650 on line.

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I'm enjoying mine, a lot so far. that 400 bucks will be covered by the saving in fuel costs as it uses so little to cook with

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I have a buddy who has one.  He LOVES it.

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I bit the bullet and bought it at $399. If it does drop anymore, I can get the difference refunded.

There were 6 left in the local store, 2 left at the next closest and none anywhere else...

The kid that was helping us load it said he was told they are "sending them back" so I don't know if they will actually drop more.


My wife finally gave the OK to get it. She was sick of me bugging about it and said she was going to buy the little one for an URN! :)


Easy assembly. Packaged very well, but still had a few paint chips and a chip on the top lip of the fire bowl. I have a call in to Vision.

Hopefully they will send some touch up paint...


Looks like I'll need a few accessories to go with it, like a heat diffuser, etc.

Decisions decisions...


I did manage to find an electric charcoal starter on close out (Masterforge) for 7.99


Looking forward to the first test drive!!

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i am loving mine. it about as versatile as it gets. so fat I have made done briskets, ribs, hot dogs, turkey dogs,turkey burger, turkey breasts, pork lion fillets , hot links and more that I can’t recall. Direct,indirect,low and slow, hot and fast, searing temp.

and in some cases a combination. For the pork lions fillets  , I started out smoking them low temp(225), direct heat. Then opened it and grilled at a high temp over 350.

It takes a little experimenting about how much lump to put in and how much lump to heat up( I use the charcoal starter).  This thing has convinced me of two things. Ceramic grills are superior and charcoal beat gas for flavor. I have used charcoal and gas but never together. I have used one or the other for period of years. It’s been 7 years since my last charcoal grill. (chargriller offset, always direct heat). I love my weber grill and like the food but having them side by side is no contest. I can get a richer flavor profile with this grill. My poor gas grill is regulate to holding my charcoal starter until it get hot.


There are some costly accessories out there but I made my heat diffuser for about 20 bucks 2 1” wide metal straps and a ceramic coated pizza pan.. It’ not the greatest but it working good while I learn my grill and how I want to cook on it.


the ceramic  grill store dot com has some awesome stuff.

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Victorville CA. Costco dropped the price to $299.97 and they have 5 left. drool.gif


Looks like I get a refund!!!

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Jon, evening....   No urn in your future.....  Good Job..... What a terrific investment......   and you get money back.....    See....... smoking meat has been a good investment so far......    wait a bit...... it gets better........   biggrin.gif ...




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I have spare ribs on mine right now. Great smoker. I have had it for 2 years with no issues at all. You will love it.
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Sounds nice, but I think the wife would drop me where I stood if I came home with another smoker.  wife.gif

I have 2 charcoal and 2 electric already, plus a gas grill.

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