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Hi well its raining and I have 6 pounds of pork loin I want to smoke so I think I need to start soon. Does  the rain affect cook and smoke times thanks

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The rain can cool the cooker and wind could cause fire control issues, so yes to both questions.  If you have an EZ-Up or similar shelter I'd use it.

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Rain can affect but that also is dependent on the cooker, smoker temp, amount of rain and outdoor temp. Light Rain on a 90*F summer day with a smoker running 275-300*F, your Brinkman may not even notice. Heavy down pour in Oct with wind, yes, big time cooling and a longer cook. Upstate NY weather today is low 80's with scattered showers. If you have a Canopy, use it, if not and the wind is not too heavy or a steady Down Pour for Hours, the rain should not have a big effect. It is a short cook as well, 2-4 hours depending on smoker temp and not going over an IT of 135-140*F. No need to Panic, yet...JJ

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yeah thanks my temps are 250 to 275 steady which is what I was looking for I want to cook a little slow I think I am looking at 5 or 6 hour cook time and I will have pics when done  in a post and on Qview   

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Go get yourself a tarp, the plastic ones, every hardware store sells them.  What I do, when smoking with my Electric 30 inch MES, I place two patio chairs, one about a foot either side, Back of the chairs to the smoker, throw a 12 X 8 tarp over the chair backs, this covers the smoker, stays several inches above the smoker, but keeps the rain off.  I can just lift one side of the tarp to access the smoker, when needed.  I will place some form of weighty object on the tarp, on the patio chair seats to keep the tarp in place if a wind comes up.

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