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Ideas for Chicken Wings

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I am having a neighborhood meeting on Saturday and I have 5 Pounds of frozen chicken wings that I plan on putting on the outdoor grill.


I want to use Jeff's run, because it's delicious, but I have taken to omitting the salt, because I once made the mistake of brining some ribs in a salty solution, and the salt in the rub made the whole thing horrible. I don't want to make a second batch of rub just for the ribs.


I don't want to cook them in an oven, and I have yet to find a sauce that I like.


Should I brine the wings in my favorite salty brine recipe and for how long, should I inject them, or just sprinkle table salt on them before I put on the rub? 


Or, does anyone have a better idea?

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This is how i do my wings:


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yeahthat.gif  Some of the best wings ever!

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Ditto biggrin.gif

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We had the annual 4th of July part at my father-in-law's, and this year was my turn to make chicken, so I opted to do chicken wings.  Like you, I wanted to glorify them a bit, especially since other guys were making brisket, ribs, loin, etc.   I ended up doing 17 lbs of naked (100 wing halves), wings, but what made it awesome is that I bought 5 of those sauce squeeze bottles, filled with Buffalo, Ranch, Honey BBQ, Blue Cheese, and Buffalo Wild Wings Garlic Parmesan.   This really took it to a new level, and glorified the wings just a bit, to everyone's likeness.


Not sure if you want to go crazy like that with just 5lbs, but just throwing out an idea.  

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I did The Scarbelly's Wings for the 4th of July!  The pan lasted about 30 scraps or jibbles even left in the pan!


Dave's recipe is the Bomb!



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